Packaging Design for dalli.

More emotions, please!

Extremely exciting packaging. During  conceptional and creative reframing, h&h design re-branded the Aldi home brand Abbott & Broome, resulting in the creation of a younger and more emotional state-of-the-art brand appearance. Our approach: Reinterpreting core elements while staying recognisable through emotionalising the design and developing a modern brand image for the target audience.

dalli is a family-owned company, targeting the European market with a broad range of beauty and domestic cleaning products. Within a short period of time, dalli established itself as the largest consumer goods manufacturer in Europe for these products. dalli’s philosophy: “We are the brand manufacturer of the home brands”. This aspiration can also be seen in dalli’s support for their clients in all things packaging design.



1,750 dalli employees develop and produce innovative products at seven locations in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Romania. Clients are major discounters, chemists and supermarket chains.