The way into the future.

Fuelled by ideas.

“Most companies suffer from an acute dearth of ideas,” a study by Kienbaum-Gruppe diagnosed. About time to draw conclusions! What companies need today more than ever are “visionary innovations instead of mere penny-pinching.” Through product innovation the traditional, saturated markets are being revived and new markets being build. The innovation process, which makes new products possible, is therefore not only the way of securing the existence of the company but also to promoting its growth.


With our “innovations workshops” we provide the procedures and necessary framework conditions for successful innovation development. Impulses will emerge for the transfer of future technologies into products. For instance new LED lighting concepts.

A modular system for decentralised power and data distribution in office buildings. Or a smart phone control app for caravans – with which we were already on the Internet of Things long before the term had reached Germany. Through close cooperation with the distance teaching university of Hagen (Department of Computer Science, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Schiffmann) we have access to the latest IT research results, technologies and trends.

Get inspiration from h&h

In this tension field of creativity and technology truly new, pioneering ideas can arise which benefit our customers. In interdisciplinary teams with the customer and external specialists we cultivate a mutually inspiring exchange. We look beyond the horizon of what is today and redraw the borders of current state-of-the-art technology. In this way the transition from concept virtuality to market realty is successfully achieved. It is known that the best way to predict the future is to create it. When do we talk about your future?