With neuromarketing to a design award.

The Laboratory System LABterminal.

New products often do not consider the wishes of target groups sufficiently. To guarantee maximum acceptance we analyse customers’ values and motives of prior to product development. At the beginning of developing LABterminal we conducted a professional market study and brought to light the motives and values of the target group by means of in-depth interviews. These insights created the guideline for the development process of LABterminal. We were able to adjust the product to the target market using methodological application of findings from neuromarketing and brain research. Subsequently we developed LABterminal from product idea to tool data.

LABterminal is consistently constructed modularly and freely plannable – thus it is possible to assemble completely individual configurations for various purposes. The core of LABterminal is an extremely robust multi-chamber aluminum profile with integrated large-scale media routing (electricity, gas, data). The connecting elements and runners consist of robust, durable die-cast aluminum parts. Our work was crowned with the Red Dot award and the iF product design award.

LABterminal opens up new possibilities for the analysis of processes and equipment or for series testing in instrumental analysis. It offers maximum planning security because it can also subsequently be easily adjusted to changed operation environments and new devices. In modern analysis more and more electronic devices and computer systems have to be integrated to carry out analyses and evaluations. And for different tasks and projects these devices have to be newly assembled from time to time.