Product Design

Titan Suitcases.

Robust on the Way.

Suitcases rarely travel as comfortably as their owners. They are thrown recklessly, pushed, stacked – on every trip many times. And on arrival in the hotel lobby, they always have to make a good impression. For the german market leader TITAN, we designed a series of hard-shell frame cases. Polycarbonate is used for the shell – the most robust material for high-quality suitcases. Instead of a zipper, the two case shells are fixed with a solid frame and two locks to form a solid unit. More resiliance is hardly possible.

For the different motifs of the target groups, we designed the three series Business, Luxury and Relax using the basic components.

Business Line

Classically reduced design in the functional Bauhaus style.
Timeless design, sober and serious. Subtle and neutral coloring.

Life is there to fill it with adventure and experiences. Especially traveling makes it possible to gather a variety of experiences and to realize dreams: for some on the beach – for the others on long-distance travels to other cultures. The spectrum ranges from sporting adventures such as heliskiing or kitesurfing to varied natural landscapes and city trips. Everything is possible – with a TITAN case from the h & h series.

Luxury Line

Emotionally positioned – noble, sensual, exclusive. The shape of the shell picks up the precious appearance of gemstones with the irregular chamfers.

Relax Line

The holiday feeling begins at home when packing. The amorphous bowl design symbolizes waves or dunes.
Colors: sky (blue), turquoise (water), beige (dune, beach), red (coral)