eva – the vitalizing daylight shower:

Biological light for tecnolight.

Natural daylight is bright, brilliant and dematerialized – and changes throughout the day. For the new tecnolight product system, we have taken nature as a model and created a dematerialized daylight shower: the technologically and creatively unique lighting system eva·tl was developed specifically for Human Centric Lighting. Thanks to its modular design, individual luminaire types can be configured.


HCL – Human Centric Lighting – is the current hot topic in the lighting industry. An HCL-oriented lighting solution supports the biological process of hormone regulation and compensates the deficiency of natural sunlight. Our aim was to provide the "new light" a very individual product interpretation. So we succeeded in giving the new technology with eva·tl a unique "face". For modern office environments.


HCL is surface light. In eva·tl, the light from the lateral mixing chambers of the profile is coupled into a prismatic optic and homogeneously distributed over a large area. As a result, minimum heights can be realized and create the effect of an OLED.

The light control follows the natural daylight pathway in the circadian rhythm and thus promotes the well-being of the user. The natural-acting light is generated by frameless, extremely flat and curved in a patented process illuminated surfaces. The software controls the daylight automatically, and one may also set individual lighting scenes. When switched off, the illuminated areas are completely transparent.

Scientifically verified.


For the exploration of the "internal clock" of living creatures and the isolation of the gene "Period", the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2017 was awarded to the three US researcher scientists Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young.