Product Development

The wheelchair ‚Logo‘ from Meyra-Ortopedia.

Individual all-rounder with award winning design.

The demands are constantly becoming greater – also in the field of medical rehabilitation: Integrating innovation, creating construction concepts, taking various types of handicaps into account, proving a weight limit, realizing low manufacturing costs: The demands made on the concept of a new wheelchair were actually nothing unusual for us – but we had never received them in such a compact way in one single briefing before.

The main innovation is the logo module system: It combines light aluminium- magnesium-materials with a screw construction. Instead, as was done previously - the module parts were welded, they are inserted and screwed. Thus the wheelchair can be adjusted simply and individually. The cast parts are simultaneously fitted as function blocks with integrated user and adjustable options. Logo offers very many functions combined with a low weight and was awarded by the Red Dot design award.