Product Development

Rooflight VisionStar M.

Patented perspective.

A rooflight for mobile homes and caravans includes very little of what is generally understood as “design”. Here it is all about function and engineering. Thermal insulation, waterproofness, maximum load when driving and not least the optimal handling mean highest demands on the design process from the beginning.

VisionStar M pro consists of three components: the outer and inner frame, the mechanics as well as the actual transparent cover. We provide construction services up until the creation of tool data in cooperation with trustworthy partners with their respective specialisations. We accompany this demanding project together with an engineer from the first idea sketch to the final construction.

The core of our design is the innovative and novel idea of the opening mechanism. The smooth-running, ergonomically perfect one-hand operation slides grid-idle in a track guide. The formal design is oriented towards “felt” aerodynamics, which we express dynamically. The semantic design signals the user the simple and fault-free operation. A patent was granted for the mechanism designed by us. It couldn’t have gone any better for our customer MPK Kunststofftechnik.