Trade Fair

Brand in space.

An exhibition stand for Kreyenborg.

In the world of three-dimensional brand communication it is all about the perfect combination of corporate identity and corporate design in space. Creating an exhibition stand, our competencies in the domain of design and technology flow together into a perfect synthesis. Kreyenborg produce machinery and equipment for plastics production. A special task was to develop a unitary presentation concept for exhibits which differ very much in size. We separated the stand consequently in three areas: product, communications and information.

We put the design of the two-storey stand with 408 square meter space under the roof of the brand, develop the individual design from the company’s corporate design and translate the company brand into the third dimension. Stand design is temporary architecture and the stand becomes an ambassador for the company for a limited time.

Often trade fair presentations take place in the direct vicinity of market competitors – which requires the precise positioning and the clear communication of the fair’s theme for a successful presentation. We arranged all core messages to make them comprehensible, touchable and perceptible – and self-explanatory. The interplay of people, brand and space becomes an emotional experience.