Future Technology

Makes the day light.

The Human Centric Lighting Workplace Concept.

HCL – Human Centric Lighting – is the new trend theme of the lighting industry. The progressing LED technology and LED control electronics enable the precise mapping of the course of daylight. Up to now, HCL technology is integrated in typical luminaires (ceiling lights, direct / indirect lights). The possible unfolding of the entire technical potential is limited by these existing products.

Our approach is the combination of HCL with an entirely new office-workplace concept. We link the open-space structure of an office floor with a flexible zoning in which space-creating architectural elements of light are created instead of individual lamps. This results in intensity and colour-temperature adjustable light showers, which enable a maximum simulation of natural daylight and ensure optimal biological lighting.

The light is coupled sideways into prism optics and distributed extensively homogeneously over an area. This allows to implement minimum installation heights and to create the effect of an OLED. Light with a high proportion of spectral blue activates and increases performance and power of concentration. If the proportion of blue in light is reduced, the body relaxes and enters a period of rest. Further positive effects on the human biorhythm is provided by the white/white control. It increases motivation and power of concentration.

Studies see HCL in the office as a future topic for operational health management. Through the improvement of the working environment and the higher satisfaction among the employees their performance is automatically improved.