Product Development

Small wheel – large impact:

Product development of suitcase castor for Bottega Veneta.


Pure luxury – this is what Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta is known for. The exclusive cabin trolley from the Bottega travel collection is made from Intrecciato VN calfskin, designed for low weight and good manoeuvrability.


Suitcases rarely travel as comfortably as their owners. They are thrown recklessly, pushed, stacked – on almost every trip they undertake. A "wheel breakdown" would be – not just for the exclusive target group – a real disaster, making the castor become a quality determining detail of the high-priced suitcase.


For the reliable maneuverability of the trolley, h&h design has developed the concept, design and construction for the suitcase castor. Small but complex, the product requirements need to be accessed and addressed in every detail, ensuring all key requirements including strong mechanical strength and running properties are met. The castor design is blending in smoothly with the trolley design, underlining highest standards in both design and quality of Bottega Veneta. 


The wheel was developed on behalf of the company Sudhaus, which produces it as a supplier to Bottega Veneta. We develop products of this complexity hand in hand with our design partner B-Plan.