Product Design

Entirely new product category.

SmartWind® makes the smart phone smarter.

SmartWind® combines smart phones and headphones to a perfect unit, which even looks good. Annoying search inside the bag, cable tangle and cable break are finally a thing of the past with SmartWind®. And the popular earphones are always immediately at hand. The slim cable winder offers optimum ergonomics during handling of the headphone cable. One finger is enough to quickly wind the cables with the pleasant to touch rotary knob. They disappear within the roll-up case where they are excellently protected always at hand. For the earphone plug an ergonomically placed clamp was built in. Another advantage of SmartWind®: You can always extract the exact length of cable that is actually needed – cable tangle was yesterday.

Universal in its application


The smartphone lies perfectly balanced in the hand with the haptic pleasing SmartWind®. Also with docked SmartWind®, it remains suitable for the pocket and handy. You can even lay it on its display without the sensitive surface touching the tabletop. In addition we were able to integrate a support surface into the slightly angled bumper which allows the convenient viewing of photos and videos.