Future Technology

Green Computing with scal·e.

70 percent less energy consumption.

With the scal·e Tower h&h delivered the design for a laboratory computer to run experimental tests. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Wolfram Schiffmann a group of scientists of the FernUniversität Hagen devoted themselves to the subject of energy-efficient computing. Based on the findings that in server environments full capacity has to be constantly provided independent of load fluctuations, a substantial energy saving potential exists.

With their approach the computer scientists of the FernUni managed to reduce the power consumption of cluster computing systems by 30 to 70 percent depending on the data load. The modular system of the scal·e Tower can be varied according to performance demand – like a large server-farm. Additionally, the energy requirement for cooling is drastically reduced as the computers are subjected to lower thermal loads.

The option of shutting down individual servers to adjust the available to the requested computing power reduces energy consumption. As switching off and on causes an additional energy input (overhead), this also had to be modeled. In their current research the scientists focus on energy efficient load balancing for servers as well as methods of predicting the future requested computing power.

With its 80,000 students the FernUniversität Hagen is the largest university in Germany. In the Computer Science Department ambitious research is conducted, which already today demonstrates the technologies of tomorrow. h&h transfers research results into product solutions.